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Parc d’Activités Lyon Sud
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A2P INDUSTRIE is a customer-driven company located close to Lyons, France, specializing in innovative and reliable industrial process cooling solutions.

For over 20 years, A2P INDUSTRIE has designed, implemented and serviced complete industrial process cooling and temperature control systems.

A2P INDUSTRIE is the exclusive dealer of the Italian manufacturer NOVA FRIGO in France.

The cooling plants designed by A2P are long-lasting, trouble-free, high performing and evolutionary, based on individual modular cooling units. The built-in modularity feature creates great flexibility and makes advance investment in excess cooling capacity unnecessary. Modularity allows gradual increase, with simple stand-alone add-on modules, of the necessary cooling capacity to meet the growing needs of any developing industrial plant.

The energy efficiency ratios (EER) of the chillers are among the highest on the market. Thanks to a specific state-of-the-art technology and a manufacturer’s unrelenting dedication to maximising energy efficiency, the process cooling plants designed by A2P generate very high energy savings.

Furthermore, the modules can be combined into unique free-cooling systems that automatically optimise the cooling production efficiency by using cold outdoor air temperatures.

In addition to high energy efficiency, the A2P customers very much appreciate the quality, flexibility, space-saving, safety, unique product reliability and low maintenance of the A2P systems.

All this comes at a competitive price.

Throughout the years, A2P has created hundreds of complete industrial cooling plants in areas such as the plastics industry, chemistry, composite materials, printing, the food business (cheese and wine production), cable manufacturing, HVAC, air conditioning in computer rooms, etc.

Geographically, A2P has set up cooling plants in France, in the United Kingdom and in the USA, in Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Tunisia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Egypt and Ukraine. 

A specialist player in process cooling, based in France, A2P INDUSTRIE is obviously / naturally a member of the french professional organization SNEFCCA and has gained the QUALIFROID professional certification. Since 1993 without interruption, A2P has obtained all the « agréments préfectoraux » indispensable/necessary to be authorized to handle / manipulate refrigerant fluids and to service all cooling circuits. In accordance to Article R543-106 of the new French Environment Code, A2P has gained the professional label « Attestation de Capacité » by the certifying agency QUALICLIMAFROID.

A2P is your specialist partner in process cooling :  Ask A2P for a free study.

Parc d’Activités Lyon Sud
61, rue Mathieu Dussurgey
69190 Saint Fons


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