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A2P exclusive distributor of STEMKE products

In September 2016, A2P INDUSTRIE and the German company STEMKE COOLING SYSTEMS signed an agreement for A2P to be the exclusive distributor of STEMKE products in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

STEMKE COOLING SYSTEMS, based in Saxony in Germany, offers a very specific product range that includes:

Highly specialised chillers with direct expansion, placed beside the press, to eliminate hot spots in tools for plastics processing. Inserts and a set of peripheral equipment allow the refrigerant fluid to rest as close as possible to hot spots. The removal of localised calories from hot spots, usually very difficult, is done instantly through capillaries introduced into the moulds.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Significant cycle time saving, up to 50%
  • Consistent quality of parts

A range of products designed to monitor flows, pressures and temperatures in moulds. These sophisticated water boxes are equipped with various sensors and probes to collect and record data, identified by ducts. This results in a very promising application for demanding plastics manufacturers.



STEMKE COOLING chillers in particular represent a spectacular innovation. This well-proven technology of direct expansion in tooling has very prestigious references in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is the subject of numerous patents. It is aimed primarily at sectors such as the car or technical industries.

A2P INDUSTRIE is delighted to welcome this agreement with STEMKE COOLING SYSTEMS. A2P sees profound meaning in this noble collaboration, which unites long-time expertise and reinforces the position of A2P as a leading player in process cooling for plastics processing.