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As your partner for process cooling and temperature control in all industries, A2P has been offering innovative, bespoke, scalable and economical solutions for over 25 years.

A2P Industrie is the specialist in solutions for the production of chilled water for high-tech industrial processes.

A2P provides its customers with unique product concepts and systems, both modular and efficient, ensuring the best return on investment.

Our products

A2P is the exclusive French distributor of prestigious brands and manufacturers.

A2P offers a very wide range of products with specific features. It includes chillers, thermoconvectors, heat transfer skids, temperature control units and special direct expansion chillers etc.

A2P thermoconvectors are different from traditional dry coolers, especially with their oversized batteries. They thus make it possible to maintain the temperature of hydraulic circuits in all weather conditions, including during the summer, strictly without watering or misting.

A2P thermoconvectors are the perfect alternative to dry cooling towers and adiabatic dry coolers.

The advantages of our products: modularity & energy saving

The equipment installed by A2P is evolving; it is designed to support our customers’ growth with flexibility, always taking into account already existing installations.

At A2P, we have made modularity our starting point. Our energy-efficient equipment is suitable for coupling but can also operate independently. Modularity is an excellent solution for limiting risks, avoiding any blocking faults, supporting growth through flexibility and avoiding overinvestment in unnecessary capacity. By distributing the cooling capacity over several autonomous modules, the safety of the process is complete. In addition, modularity allows you to adjust the system to your changing needs and helps to optimise an aspect that often comes second in your company’s purchases: electricity consumption.

In a truly economical and environmentally-friendly approach, A2P plants are based on cutting-edge technology that generates very significant energy savings, particularly thanks to its chillers’ high energy efficiency coefficients (COP). Higher yields are achieved through the use of specially developed components to optimise heat exchange.

Smart free cooling configurations further optimise cooling plants’ economical production of chilled water by taking advantage of the ambient air temperature.

Our markets

As a key player in process cooling, A2P has installed more than 500 validated energy-efficient plants in sectors as varied as plastics processing, chemicals, petrochemicals, agri-food, composite materials and mechanics… With an optimum return on investment. In plastics processing, where process cooling and temperature control requirements are paramount, A2P has become a leading player. With its specialised developments and its specific project support, A2P has become the partner of CAC40 players in strategic industrial cooling projects.

A2P has installed cooling plants in France, the UK, the USA, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Tunisia, Egypt and Ukraine.

Our team

A2P is above all an exhilarating human endeavour. A2P’s know-how is based on experience, knowledge, organisation and the men and women who make up the company. A well-calibrated team has all the means to implement projects for its customers with a real concern for their satisfaction.

For all of its operational and strategic development, A2P has formalised an effective network of firmly rooted, collaborative partnerships with world class experts. A2P can thus count on a range of highly developed skills, which is essential to its growth.

Our support

At each stage of the project, A2P is able to manage all the parameters to allow its customers to focus on their core business by providing them with turnkey solutions, which are extremely efficient and effective in process cooling.

A2P designs, develops, installs, commissions and provides maintenance services within the expected deadlines.

By actively listening to the needs of its customers:

  • The internal design department manages system design,
  • The sales team has a service system, focusing on quality and responsiveness,
  • The technical team is highly qualified and provides all the necessary guarantees for installation (settings, commissioning), as well as preventive and regulatory maintenance.

In an increasingly restrictive regulatory context, maintenance operations are carried out professionally and in compliance with inspection frequencies. Mandatory visits provide the opportunity for a thorough preventive diagnosis with detailed reports, essential for ensuring the durability of chillers and dry coolers. Some 25+ year old plants are still operational, others are being replaced only so that refrigerant fluids are compatible with the new F-gas Regulation.

Our quality approach

The quality approach is at the heart of all A2P INDUSTRIE concerns. It leads in particular to the maintenance of a significant set of qualifications, certifications, attestations and authorisations.

A voluntary certification held since 2011, established by QUALICLIMAFROID, a COFRAC approved organisation, qualifies A2P INDUSTRIE as a process cooling provider:

  • of high technicality,
  • working on installations in CTM (Centralised Technical Management),
  • with heat transfer fluid,
  • offering a temperature accuracy of +/- 1 K (Kelvin),
  • for installations with an engine compressor power of between 10 and 50 kW,
  • operating on all quantities of refrigerant fluid,
  • in the fields: assessment/ design – management of subcontractors – installation – initial operation – technical acceptance – operation maintenance – containment control. (REFERENCE 2.3)


By continually optimising the quality of its products and services, A2P has made long-term customer satisfaction a priority. The quality approach provides a very high and sustainable level of satisfaction. A2P customers are satisfied by the reliability of the equipment (under warranty for three years), the responsiveness of services, the quality of documentation  and the unconditional commitments in terms of energy consumption. (REFERENCE 3.3)

In Short

By opting for A2P INDUSTRIE, customers are choosing a reliable partner with recognised expertise and cooling plants that are safe, reliable, scalable, eco-responsible and extremely economical.

Trust a specialist in process cooling: consult A2P for a free and complete assessment.