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Flawless operation for over 15 years

A return on investment in 24 months!

ITW is a global industrial group comprising some 800 companies, distinguished by its expressed ambition to achieve very high profitability targets. Economic performance includes a very effective strategic sourcing.

SPIT, based in Bourg lès Valence, is a subsidiary of the ITW Group’s Construction Division. With a turnover of €167 million, SPIT, the market leader, develops, manufactures and sells a complete range of fixture systems for professionals in the building trade.

In 2001, the plastic injection unit located in Taulignan, south of Montélimar, which manufactures plastic dowels, had a fleet of around 30 hydraulic presses.

The management is taking a wise decision that will significantly reduce the electricity budget: noting a significant energy loss related to a common cooling circuit for moulds and oil, the company decided to create a specific cooling network solely for the hydraulic circuit presses.

SPIT’s choice for maintaining the temperature of oils in presses will be focused on an efficient and original device: A2P thermoconvectors. These devices consume almost nothing, produce cold water only through ambient air sucked between finned batteries, without misting or watering the batteries.

The keys to success of the SPIT/ A2P project

  • The ambitious but feasible challenge to dedicate two TS90 thermoconvectors to the cooling of oils.
  • 210 kW cooling return with an installed capacity of only 11 kW, pumps included.
  • A 40°C thermoconvector setting that optimises summer and winter temperatures.
  • Accurate support during implementation: consideration of the state of the exchangers in place. The pickers were scaled by very hard water, the change of all the exchangers was the site’s starting point. It is important to give a real chance to any new investment taking into account all the parameters, especially the most critical ones.
  • The creation of a 30cm water retention tank to optimise air cooling, allowing a gain of up to 3°C.

With more than 15 years of feedback, the well-proven benefits for SPIT include:

  • A completely safe solution with the total power distributed over two autonomous devices.
  • Stable operation in both summer and winter, including at very high ambient air temperatures (two heatwaves in 2003 and 2015).
  • Extremely economical and efficient cooling.
  • A palpable decrease in the electricity budget.
  • A very rapid return on investment.
  • Preservation of the oil’s molecular chain thanks to the absence of any thermal shock, increasing the effective life of the oil.
  • Autonomous products that manage themselves.
  • Extreme durability of plants still in operation after 15 years, running as smoothly as the day they were fist installed.
  • No constraints for monitoring glycol filling thanks to a reserve provided.
  • No scaling risk, no vaporisation of liquid circulating in a hermetic circuit under pressure.
  • Very simple periodic cleaning.
  • Zero production stops with these two devices over their 15 years of use.

“Our two thermoconvectors have been highly profitable since we got them. We had no cause for concern during the heatwaves of 2003 and 2015, and passed through the harsh winters with complete peace of mind. In fact, we didn’t even notice them.”

Etienne GOUGNE – Operations Manager