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After-sales customer service

Simply make a phone call, and A2P will take action at any time and as soon as possible on your cooling plant.

A2P after-sales customer service includes:

  • A responsive hotline service,
  • Hardware diagnostics, sometimes remotely (subject to the availability of a web user interface),
  • Implementation of corrective measures,
  • On-site work,
  • Replacement of defective parts,
  • Advice on the use and proper functioning of equipment.


A2P has a stock of critical spare parts, both at the company’s headquarters and in response vehicles.

It must be emphasised that breakdowns are extremely rare in the case of equipment under maintenance contracts, precisely because of the preventive aspect of these contracts. In addition, the modularity that enables the total cooling capacity to be distributed to several autonomous modules makes blocking faults very unlikely.

Our customers are completely won over by the exceptional performance of our systems. Faults, which are very rare, do not translate into very favourable MTBF (mean time between failures) and MTTR (mean time to recovery) measurements.

Three-year warranty

A2P offers the most generous warranty in the profession covering all parts for 36 months, with no deductible. A2P customers benefit 100% and are fully covered against unforeseen repair costs in the first three years.

This warranty is the result of a long-lasting and superior product quality achieved thanks to the thorough choice of components. The result is that A2P devices last for longer, much appreciated by our customers.


Unless otherwise stipulated, the three-year warranty with no deductible covers all parts, except for defects in use and wearing parts, for any plant in mainland France:

  • One year: parts, labour and travel,
  • Two years: all parts (including electrical parts).