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“Plasticool”, the universal antifreeze

Sold exclusively by A2P INDUSTRIE under the name “PLASTICOOL”, this MEG antifreeze heat transfer liquid offers the following special features:

  • Pure product, strictly not regenerated.
  • Ready to use (requires no water, no mixing, no dilution or preparation).
  • Product comprising an optimal dosage of antifreeze protection (MEG type: methyl ethylene glycol), corrosion inhibitors, bactericidal agents, fungicides, anti-foam, anti-algae and emulsifiers (repellents).
  • Product made from superheated water (boiled water) coming from power plants’ cooling circuits, therefore free from bacteria.
  • Guaranteed protection at -30°C (MEG concentration = 43%).
  • Liquid conforming to the specifications of our cooling and temperature control plants.
  • Available in two one-way packaging options: plastic (220 litres) or IBC (1,000 litres).


Originating from automotive technology, Plasticool is a powerful mineral antifreeze product that calls on the superior quality of corrosion inhibitors. Boric acid is neutralised by a mineral base (never by amines).

The supply of this mixture is systematically accompanied by liability insurance, offering cover against any possible phenomena of corrosion on any equipment in contact with the liquid.