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At the end of 2015, A2P went into collaborative mode

A firmly rooted network of expert partners lend their talents to A2P.

Building on a new, well-orchestrated talent pool, 2016 will be the year of industrial development at A2P.

A2P understands that in order to grow, you have to structure yourself, articulate your talents, mix businesses and cooperate with others. Everyone has the potential to be talented.

Collaborative work is work carried out jointly by several people who pool their knowledge and skills, organise themselves and coordinate their actions to obtain a result for which they are collectively responsible.

The collaborative economy appears as a field of possibilities and opportunities, provided we work collectively and increase the number of interactions.

By relying on an extensive network of 25 competent, knowledgeable, expert contributors  A2P is committed to providing a real momentum for progress.


An approach that starts with a simple observation: you have to recharge your batteries to act effectively.

An observation that will take A2P much further than merely being the provider in a relationship, and materialise through a formalised and privileged partnership.

In today’s world of VSEs, on the one hand we have business leaders who would like to learn how to set themselves up independently but lack the skills and tools, and on the other hand, we have experts and consultants with expertise acquired throughout their careers, but who intervene very punctually without knowing all the ins and outs.

And what if the most talented took pleasure in passing on their expertise? In investing in a joint project?

And if these people could get together? This is the idea behind the A2P collaborative platform.

The A2P Industrie Community wants to bring different skills together and put people back at the heart of our company.

To date, developing skills is already articulated around 25 very specialised areas of expertise, ranging from regulatory monitoring, to human resources, financing, legal advice, pipe fitting or strategic positioning consulting, to name a few.

Success is not repeated, it is invented every time.

We know that none of us, acting alone, can achieve success.

However, to be able to talk about collaborative work, it is not enough just to place people who have previously worked separately side by side. The interactions between individuals that are specific to collaborative work must foster cooperation, productivity and innovation: these are the basic values of the A2P Community.

This partnership has been contractually formalised.


A single ambition: to join forces in order to succeed!