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At the end of March 2016, A2P unveiled its new visual identity

On 31 March 2016, A2P Industrie becomes  A2P Process Cooling

A trademark resolutely committed to its specific area of expertise: process cooling

A2P’s new signage is based on a contemporary logo that reflects the changes made by the company and its ability to anticipate and support each of its customers in a changing environment. Its roll-out starts at the beginning of April 2016.

This visual identity builds on the company’s recent success and long-term strategy. It allows the company to assert itself as independent and successful in its business, recognised for the quality of its management, the reliability of its advice related to energy efficiency, and responsible behaviour in each of the markets in which it operates.


A typography that embodies modernity and vitality

The logo and the visual identity that were designed express the purpose and values of the company. The old logo, which we have had for a decade or so, presented an opportunity to rejuvenate our image, with a more fluid and contemporary style, able to better reflect the reality and ambitions of A2P.

An evolution that improves the readability of the A2P name, a leading player in its profession.

A logo which demonstrates our directors’ desire never to become immobile or static.

The choice of two different typographies, the opening up of the brand in parallel with underlining our specific business features, all of this prompts the brand’s ability to move forward, while maintaining its solid foundation acquired over 25 years.

A logo with on trend yet timeless colours

Traditionally red and black, A2P’s colours have changed to red and grey.

We decided to keep the red because, as well as the fact that it has always been the colour associated with the company, it is the exact expression of who we are, and the image that we wish to convey: the passion we put into continually proposing and implementing dynamic solutions.

Grey, which is not a colour in the strict sense of the word, has replaced black, because it perfectly represents the ability to guide, recommend and reassure.

The technological grey also reinforces the team’s ability to offer highly qualified solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Branding that demonstrates A2P’s commitment to supporting its customers

The A2P brand is more than just a logo, image or slogan.

It embodies our commitment to the long-term success of our customers and partners, as well as our promise to provide sustainable solutions that deliver well-proven quality, agility and reliability in the production of chilled water for industrial process.

Beyond graphic design

This modernised hallmark, with the base-line, “PROCESS COOLING”, aims to speed up the visibility of A2P’s business and clarify its positioning in France and internationally.

It also reflects one of the company’s main strengths: it is an organisation with a true expertise in process cooling.

A French company having an English base-line is justified by the fact that A2P has been present on the North American markets with specific products that comply in particular with UL and ASME standards.

In a business area which is too often overused, where cooling is more than just a “convenience”, the new identity of the brand is an opportunity to highlight:

–       The permanence of a company that has been a reliable and ambitious partner for more than 25 years,

–       The commitment of a company that sets itself apart by its ability to apply innovation to its customer service, to enhance its ability to advise and preserve its founding values.


A graphic trademark

The brand model has been registered with the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Protection) for all A2P business products and services categories.

For products and services, it should be noted that the brand is registered for industrial cooling machinery, air condensers, compressors, air-cooled or steam condensers, heat exchangers, engine cooling radiators, fans for engines, cooling modules… Devices for refrigeration, freezing, air conditioning, drying, ventilation, etc.

Why change the branding and logo?

To re-energise A2P’s image while maintaining its elitist and elegant element, to show loudly and clearly the values it has upheld for more than 25 years in the cooling systems sector.