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Comprehensive service, total support

A2P INDUSTRIE is a specialist in process cooling and temperature control that offers scalable, eco-responsible and economical systems.

At A2P, we make service our priority. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services.

Support offered by A2P in the sale and service of industrial process cooling systems includes (non-exhaustive list):

Design department

  • Detailed assessments and recommendations, established with a strong emphasis on the scalability of the proposed systems and their operating costs
  • Technical drawings
  • Commitment to energy efficiency
  • Establishment of a “Total Cost of Ownership” table

Financial feasibility

  • Energy audits
  • Help accessing funding
  • Obtaining energy efficiency certificates (CEE)


  • Establishment of precise specifications for subcontractors
  • Preparation of schedules for retroactive installations (Gantt chart)
  • Control and coordination of all parties involved and subcontractors (piping, electricity, heat transfer fluid, financers, organisations, etc.)
  • Site monitoring and verification of subcontractor services
  • Creation of a pre-wired electrical cabinet
  • Technical acceptance
  • Installation and commissioning of the cooling plant, in a staggered manner to prevent a shutdown of production
  • Creation of specific technical dossiers
  • Training users and supervisory staff

Technical services

  • Loan or lease of cooling units
  • Servicing existing equipment
  • Dismantling obsolete equipment, with gas discharge according to best practice (transfer or recovery bottle, CERFA waste tracking document, etc.)
  • Scrapping existing equipment (gas voids, considered as industrial waste)
  • Plant maintenance (formalised, with extensive evaluation and installation of adequate supports, such as the on-site maintenance follow-up booklet, etc.)
  • Monitoring of refrigerant fluid containment
  • Periodic verifications in accordance with the PED (Pressure Equipment Device) regulations
  • Remote evaluation (subject to presence of web interface – users)


  • Maintaining stock of critical parts and consumables
  • Administrative and technical follow-up of the system
  • Support for product development
  • Regulatory monitoring and passing information to our customers when undergoing issues, within the legislative context.


As a single point of contact, A2P efficiently assists you at every stage of your plant’s life cycle and offers complete project management in the relevant field with specific expertise.