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Humidity controllers and dehumidifiers

For specific industrial processes, A2P offers a range of products intended for humidity control. The process is divided into two different technologies: Rotary dehydrators by absorption (silica gel) and air dehumidifiers by condensation (heat exchanger).


Rotary dehydrators by absorption

The process of air dehumidification with solid absorbents is characterised by the use of properties of an agent with a strong affinity to water. Our systems include a desiccant wheel based on silica gel (SiO2) or molecular sieves. These systems can be used for very low humidity (-60°C dew-point).

These self-contained desiccant wheel systems incorporate a regeneration system that provides very high dehumidification performance by reducing energy consumption.

Air dehumidifiers by condensation

This method of air dehumidification by condensation consists of lowering the air temperature to dew-point temperature corresponding to the desired moisture through a heat exchanger. In this case, an internalised (autonomous device) or externalised cooling system is necessary.

The range includes models for treating the smallest to the largest volume of air either by recycling or by direct air treatment.


Example of implementation