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Commitment to energy efficiency

To demonstrate the energy impact and the very high efficiency of its systems, A2P INDUSTRIE offers a personalised commitment to energy efficiency for each one, to visualise the direct impact of free cooling on the consumption of its energy-saving devices .


This commitment is based on:

  • The total cooling capacity installed
  • The type of equipment installed (chillers, thermoconvectors, energy-saving systems)
  • The use time of the machines
  • The desired temperature regime(s)
  • The weather report of a station close to the site concerned

Based on the weather report [Illustration 3.3.1] of a station near your production site and on the average temperatures observed each month in your area over the last 10 years, the commitment to energy efficiency makes it possible to estimate the use time of each refrigeration unit and dry cooler offered as part of our range.

The result is a precise estimate of the overall energy efficiency by air temperature range, kW consumed and the annual cost of consumption of the cooling plant recommended by A2P.

The energy consumption commitment is the most objective basis for understanding a plant as a whole. An inexpensive plant can lead to prohibitive operating costs, making the initial investment extremely less attractive.

The already high energy efficiency of the A2P chiller range (COP > 5), [Reference 5.1] combined with the significant savings made by the thermoconvectors [Reference 5.2] and the original configurations for use of free cooling [Reference 3.2], constitute an obligation of results that commits us unconditionally to the savings that our systems will allow you to make.

A2P will even provide an electric meter for process cooling system, which will verify our claims.

The commitment to energy efficiency will be an essential element of the table which presents all the costs of each stage of a cooling plant’s life cycle, from its order to its dismantling. This Total Cost of Ownership table [Reference 3.4] is also part of the standard A2P range.