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The devices in the ranges of TS thermoconvectors, and RS, RC and NP chillers feature a TOTAL, DIRECT & UNLIMITED modularity allowing TS thermoconvectors or RS, RC or NP chillers of equal or different capacities to be connected together, avoiding any operational disruption.



The three great advantages of modularity are:

  • Total flexibility in supporting needs (whether growing or decreasing),
  • No investment in unnecessary power,
  • Total security of the process since the power is distributed over two (or more) autonomous modules.



Two flow-through manifolds allow A2P devices to be interconnected by simply coupling successive autonomous modules.

This unique modularity is possible without the use of a buffer tank or recovery pump.

Modularity allows for a closed circuit (hermetic and under pressure). The pumps are chosen for their operating curve. The plant’s total flow rate corresponds to the sum of the water flow rates of each module composing the plant. This feature is the subject of a patent.

The circuit being closed, the pressure of the pumps must be identical on all connected modules.

Coupling in parallel on a manifold does not result in a power limit.

Coupling in series is possible within the limit of the manifold section. The manifolds are in DN80 (Ø3 ‘) which allows for the removal of approx. 350 kW total cooling capacity.


Modularity makes it possible to plan investments in a flexible manner according to the development of the machinery fleet, without modifying the hydraulic installation. It ensures that the cooling plant is perfectly matched to the company’s actual needs at all times. Thus, no installed module will ever be obsolete: it can be integrated into a future installation or extension at any time.

The modularity of our chillers is inter-generational: old modules can be connected to new ones, and chillers can be connected to each other whether they are RC, RS or NP types. The design of the chillers, and especially the connection dimensions of the manifolds, explicitly provides this possibility of connection in series.