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Skids are a specific type of heat exchange plant, equipped with a heat exchanger, typically used for:

  • separating two types of fluids: glycol/ water or water/ oil,
  • separating a closed circuit under pressure and an open circuit at atmospheric pressure.

Heat transfer skids are designed and engineered on a case by case basis. They generally include a stainless steel frame, a pump for secondary network distribution (with or without frequency variation), a specific heat exchanger and various peripheral equipment, sometimes a retention tank, a filter and regulation e.g. by a three-way servo valve.

The heat exchangers, often with plates and seals, are selected to optimise heat exchange: “pinching” or heat exchange loss (the temperature difference between the fluid at the inlet of the primary circuit and the temperature of the fluid at the outlet of the secondary circuit) is generally 5°C. It is possible to size the skids for a minimum loss of only 2°C.

The skids have been developed with specific expertise that involves areas such as mechanics, thermal fluids, exchanges and regulation.

A2P heat transfer skids are of real interest to the customer: a heat exchange sub-unit that meets a specific need with assembled components based on specific skills, all included in one compact frame.