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Heatwaves: A2P has had the exceptional heat exchanges of its thermoconvectors verified by an independent auditor.

A2P INDUSTRIE – the leading specialist in process cooling in the plastics industry – has had the unique performance of its thermoconvectors during a heatwave verified by an independent auditor.

On Friday, 3 July 2015 at noon, it was found:

  • of a TS90 thermoconvector dating from 2002
  • with an ambient air temperature of 37.1°C
  • an initial water temperature of 40.8°C
  • a water return temperature of 45.3°C
  • no misting or watering


Cooling the hydraulic circuits of the presses solely by means of thermoconvector technology thus guarantees continuous operation and at full load, during a heatwave, of a fleet of ENGEL brand injection presses operating at high speed (<4 seconds).

This exceptional situation has been proven for decades with a large and loyal customer base.

A2P thermoconvectors are the only technology to guarantee a ΔT ≤ 5°C (difference between T air and T feed water) without watering or misting the exchange batteries.


The full report is available on request.