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A2P, an efficient team

Its human resources and quality approach are the backbone of A2P INDUSTRIE, the specialist in process cooling and temperature control. A2P is above all a human endeavour, formed of a small yet very effective team.

With great attention to detail and commitment, the A2P integrated team guarantees high quality recommendations and services, from pre-sales to after-sales customer service.

The team is complemented by a valuable network of partner experts who work collaboratively according to formalised agreements.

Refrigeration technicians are an essential link in this team, as the company’s true everyday ambassadors to its customers.

A2P technicians are highly qualified and very experienced specialists. They have an average of more than 10 years of experience at A2P. Their excellent product knowledge makes them a strong source for recommendations and naturally pro-active. Customers are very appreciative of their advice.

The technical team is perfectly distributed throughout France to respond to all its customers’ requests related to the production of chilled water for industrial processes.


The confirmed accreditations and certificates held by A2P refrigeration technicians are numerous:

  • Category 1 Certificate of Aptitude,
  • PED accreditation,
  • Brazing qualification,
  • Electrical accreditation,
  • Prevention of chemical risks.

A2P holds the following certifications and certificates:

  • QUALIFROID certification,
  • Category 1 Certificate of Professional Competence No. 16344,
  • ISO 9001 certification.

The ISO 9001 quality management system in place at A2P guarantees that malfunctions are treated thoroughly and that services are robustly adequate in the ever-changing regulatory context, which is subject to constantly increasing requirements.

Although widespread in many sectors, ISO 9001 certification is very rare in the process cooling industry. A2P is proud to have received this certification in 2014, which has earned the trust of major industrial players.

A2P and its technicians are unquestionably strong in terms of certifications, certificates, qualifications and accreditations.

This situation, unique in the profession, is sure to please even our most demanding customers. The A2P team, and by extension its expert contributor partners, is proud to offer its customers a high and consistent level of professionalism.