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Modular RS/RC Chillers

RS/ RC chillers are fully autonomous, free-standing refrigeration units (with integrated pump), covering a cooling capacity ranging from 30 to 250 kW (RS) or 30 to 120 kW (RC).

The RC/ RS series modular air-condensed chillers have been designed to produce cold water for cooling in industrial processes in closed or open circuits.

This wide range of chillers allows scalable process cooling plants.

Thanks to the unique modularity option, these free-standing chillers can be connected together using the manifolds passing through the units from one end to the other. This modularity means that there is no power limit. It is a unique feature that offers numerous advantages.

The RS series is intended for outdoor use. RS chillers do not require protection or exhaust air ducts. They necessarily operate on the basis of an MEG or MPG antifreeze heat transfer fluid.

The RC series is intended for indoor use. Operation with tap water (without antifreeze protection) is possible. Calories are released outside by ducts, usually equipped with a summer/ winter changeover valve in order to recover the calories during the winter.

All RC or RS chillers are manufactured to be highly efficient, which results from minimal energy consumption, even in extreme operating conditions.

The technical advantages of the design of these devices are

  • Scroll compressors,
  • Plate evaporator external to the tank,
  • Electronic expansion valve,
  • Condenser of a unique design, composed of 6 layers of copper with special cross-linking, integrating undercooling,
  • Process pump, closed tank and integrated expansion tank,
  • “All stainless steel” hydraulic system offering total corrosion resistance,
  • Microprocessor control and transducers,
  • Helical fans with automatic speed variation (RS) or centrifugal fans (RC),
  • Distance start-up & shut down (option),
  • Remote management of all key parameters (option),
  • Removable stainless steel filter cartridge with high filtration capacity,
  • Triple antifreeze protection fitted as standard:
    • Low pressure transducers,
    • Flow switch to control the water flow,
    • Anti-icing probe which controls the gas temperature at the evaporator inlet,
  • Tropical-rated up to 45°C standard,
  • Total, inter-generational modularity with the old ranges.