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Since it was established in 1976, NOVA FRIGO ENGINEERING, a certified Italian manufacturer of cooling and fluid control equipment, has convinced more than 6,000 companies all over the world to choose its products. NOVA FRIGO ENGINEERING has many years of experience in heat exchange optimisation. It develops high-performance chillers. In addition, when it comes to cooling systems, unique configurations in free cooling allow the company to achieve a level of energy efficiency that is unique on the market. In terms of modularity, NOVA FRIGO products are manufactured in accordance with an industrial patent registered in the most significant countries, allowing a total evolution to be achieved thanks to the closed circuit coupling of chillers of equal or different capacities.


A2P has been the exclusive distributor of NOVA FRIGO ENGINEERING products in France since 1992.


STEMKE COOLING SYSTEMS, a German company based in Saxony, is a manufacturer of unique direct expansion chillers. These chillers are designed to eliminate hot spots in tools and allow a dramatic reduction in cycle times. STEMKE products are a specific and proprietary technology that have been the subject of many patents.  In addition to chillers, STEMKE builds devices for checking the pressure and water flow in tools.

A2P has been the exclusive distributor of STEMKE COOLING SYSTEMS products in France since 2016.


DESSICA, a cooperative company based in the Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne region, is a specialist that has forged a strong position on the market for adsorption air dryers and control of humid environments. In addition to its cooling plants, A2P has been offering complete dehumidification solutions for more than 10 years, mainly to combat condensation on tools.


L’Association Française du Froid (AFF), a non-profit association recognised to be of public utility, reunites cooling system professionals to ensure collaborative work. AFF’s activities are organised on a national level by groups specialising in topics of general interest. The AFF assures the secretariat of the Conseil National du Froid (CNF) under the Joint Ministerial Decision of 26 May 1999. A2P INDUSTRIE has been a member of the AFF “legal entity” category since 2013.


A2P INDUSTRIE has been a member of the “installer” category since 2010 with SNEFCCA (the National Union of Refrigeration Companies, Professional Kitchen Equipment and Air Conditioning). This trade union was created in 1984 and has some 800 members.

SNEFCCA seeks to empower its members and promote energy management and renewable energies. Recognising the problems of global warming and the role of energy professionals in this area, A2P is fully aligned with SNEFCCA’s goals for sustainable development.


Allizé Plasturgie is an interregional union of plastics processing, member of the Federation of Plastics Processing and Composites, bringing together some 1,000 players in processing, mainly in eastern France. Since 2005, A2P INDUSTRIE has been a member of the trade union’s “correspondent” category.