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Results of the 2016 customer satisfaction survey

A survey that is part of a process of continuous improvement

We understand that in order to make progress, we must listen to you.

Dear customer,

As part of our commitment to greater transparency, we are pleased to present the results of our overall satisfaction survey conducted in March 2016.

This qualitative study was carried out by telephone in a context of open questioning.

This triennial survey was conducted as part of our ISO 9001 quality approach, on a sample of 66 customers representative of our target clientele, spread across all the business areas that we serve.

We received an 85% response to this survey, for which we thank you!


A survey with well-defined objectives

As part of our strategy to place the customer at the heart of our organisation, we have implemented a real-time barometer to measure customer satisfaction.

Our aim:

  • Measure your overall satisfaction with our process cooling services,
  • Identify our strong points,
  • Use these results to optimise the customer experience and integrate it in our approach,
  • Measure how you relate to our commitment to energy efficiency,
  • Reveal points for improvement,
  • Fuel our process of continuous improvement following a very clear guideline,
  • Measure your satisfaction with our product recommendations, advice and services,
  • Consider new areas for development.

Our ultimate goal: Adapt our services to your expectations and needs in order to satisfy you time and time again.

The results of this survey were not completely unexpected

Your opinion is essential in allowing us to develop existing modules and services, and to build new ones, always tailored to your needs.

It confirms certain points (such as the quality of construction, recommended solutions, our service orientation), sometimes picks up on sensitive points (a certain rigidity due to our desire to always go the extra mile), gives interesting indications of possible improvements (a request for more intuitive pedagogy), and highlights the axes of progression that we will further develop.

Overall satisfaction: 94.92%

Very positive results, even better than in 2013!

Because there is no desire for progress without a desire to analyse, at the end of 2013 we launched our first customer satisfaction survey. In 2016, even more so than in 2013, you have judged us to be competent in all the key factors for the success of your projects.


In 2013, we carried out the same written exercise with the same scope, in the same ISO9001 context. We achieved an overall satisfaction score of 88.7% in response to identical questions. Since then, we have implemented a number of corrective actions and, based on the results, we can say that they are convincing.

You confirm the quality of product construction, of standard or bespoke cooling modules.

With hindsight, and what we have learned from your experience, you confirm that our modular installations allow you to avoid any blocking faults, to secure the process, and to optimise your plant’s energy performance.

You endorse the founding values of our company.

You believe that the quality of our service and the people who guarantee it is the key to our success and your satisfaction.

You want us to go further in the comprehensibility of our written documents.

Although extremely satisfied with our quality of service, you would like a stronger presence and support.


Approved corrective actions are immediately implemented

In order to always increasingly satisfy our customers, we have identified some areas for improvement for 2017, including listening to customers, proximity, strengthening the overall range and transparency.

Although many of you have not given full marks out of principle or to remind us that “we can always do better”, we are committed to doing everything possible to bring this result as close as possible to 100%.

That’s why, starting today, we will make every effort to satisfy your grievances and address the three points for improvement identified.

First of all, we are once again strengthening our team this year. After two new recruitments in 2015, we are hiring a new field technician who, from the end of the first half of 2016, will work on our entire fleet, and advise you on all your new projects to come.

At the same time, we are setting up a network of regional referent subcontractors to make ourselves a single point of contact for your projects and offer you turnkey solutions including piping, cowling, and soundproofing.

Finally, we are working step by step to optimise our quotes and technical recommendations.


A fruitful exchange

The results of this survey conjure up an image of our company as very customer-oriented, reliable and fast.

We thank you for your participation and honesty in this survey. This has allowed us to obtain a more objective vision of our company and to determine the key factors for success, as well as ways of moving forward, allowing us to develop a corrective action plan.

The results confirm our positioning in terms of quality and efficiency, the main axes of our business project.

“The most important part? You!”