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RSM high-power chillers

RSM and RCM chillers are high-power, air-condensed, free-standing water chillers. They are designed to produce process chilled water for cooling closed and open circuit systems.

The unit cooling capacities of the RSM range (outdoor models) range from 150 to 800 kW, and the RCM range (indoor models) ranges from 30 to 120 kW.

RSM and RCM chillers are fully autonomous, free-standing refrigeration units. They consist of one or two hydraulic circuits and comprise from two to eight scroll compressors, spread over several cooling circuits.

Thanks to a fine regulation, the balanced work of the compressors guarantees stability and precision of the process temperature, while avoiding overly frequent start-ups and guaranteeing the same operating time of the compressors.

This construction allows a minimal energy consumption even in extreme operating conditions. Tropical-rated components can operate at ambient temperatures up to +45°C.


RSM and RCM high-power chillers are highly energy efficient.