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Successful discussions between local political representatives and A2P Industrie

In order to enrich their knowledge of the economic stakes and the challenges faced by companies in their local area, elected representatives came to meet A2P INDUSTRIE.

To express their willingness to meet the newly installed economic players in the commune of Saint Fons, in April 2016, the Mayor, Nathalie FRIER, accompanied by her first deputy delegate for Finance and Economic Development, Mr. Michel DENIS, the renowned industrial leader, visited the A2P Industrie site opened in January 2016 in the South Lyon/ Arsenal Business Park.

It was with great pleasure that A2P Industrie was able to show them its premises, its team, its corporate values, and its profession: the process cooling plant and all the products enabling the production of chilled water for industrial processes.

Meeting a new economic player

Through this committed approach, the two elected representatives aimed to become acquainted with a new economic player operating on a national and international scale, established at the commune’s new Business Park in brand new premises.

Accelerated training in our product solutions

On the basis of demonstration products, coupled with specific system diagrams and visuals of installed plants, A2P was able to present some examples of unique modular process cooling solutions.

The two elected representatives were able to see the obvious benefits of A2P’s high-tech plants, which optimise all heat exchanges and thus are highly energy efficient.

Highlighting the specificities that characterise the A2P range

The technical team was able to clearly explain how its plants are scalable, and what is meant by the term “modularity”, qualifying its devices as accurately as possible.

Indeed, based on autonomous cooling modules that can be connected to each other with no power limit, the modularity of the A2P chillers and thermoconvectors allows us to:

  • flexibly support the growing needs of our customers,
  • secure the plant by distributing power over several modules,
  • invest only the power strictly needed at all times.

Enough to satisfy even the most demanding customers!

Not to mention the concept of service, so important at A2P

The technical team was able to demonstrate what it means to work in the process cooling industry, a truly high-tech profession, operating in a context of very strict regulatory constraints, but above all a service-oriented profession that includes comprehensive support during the preliminary phase, implementation and maintenance service.

Key players are very impressed by A2P’s ISO 9001 certification process

In front of the QUALITY FACTOR board, visitors discover the display of components for the quality system, the ISO9001 certification in effect in the company, which is no mean feat for a company of this size. A2P Industrie makes every effort to meet the needs of its customers.

From product design to a comprehensive service, the commercial follow-up until after-sale customer care, the technical and in-house teams always provide strong recommendations.

At every stage of the process, everything is calibrated, aligned recorded and optimised.

A commune that is moving forwards and that will support the development of its citizens

After this general presentation, the elected representatives presented their road infrastructure projects that will further simplify interaction with customers and suppliers for all A2P Industrie’s cooling plants.