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Our temperature control units are fully autonomous, free-standing units that allow for the heating and temperature control of a fluid (water or oil). A PID type, precise device continually stabilises the temperature (+/- 0.2°C) around a set point registered by the user. This maximum precision combined with low energy consumption is possible thanks to the combined use of special modulating valves and heat exchangers with large exchange surfaces, reducing the thermal inertia during a temperature change.


The choice of heat transfer fluid depends on the desired temperature of the plant to be regulated:

  • T° < 90°C: water
  • T° < 140 °C: pressurised water
  • T° < 180°C to 250°C: diathermic oil

Oil temperature control unit

  • NO L : T°<150°C
  • NO : T°<180°C
  • NO H : T° < 250°C.


Water temperature control unit (direct or indirect cooling):

  • NTC A : T° < 90°C
  •  NTC PD : T° < 140 °C (pressurised water)
  • NTC HHW : T° < 160° C (pressurised water)


A2P temperature control units are ready-to-install, complete plants consisting of the control system, operating pump, heating resistor and the possible exchanger for the heat sink. The power of the heating resistors (9 to 36 kW) and the features of the operating pump (pressure/ flow) can be changed on request to meet requirements for specific applications.

All temperature control units in the A2P range can be connected in series with a chiller to obtain a closed circuit and zero water consumption.


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