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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

For each of these standard product offerings, A2P integrates a Total Cost of Ownership detailing the various cost categories that will represent, depending on the assumptions specific to the request, the costs associated with each stage of the cooling plant’s life cycle. You will have access to an actual representation of a product’s cumulative cost integrating the purchase, the life cycle of the equipment and its dismantling.

In practice, the investment, maintenance costs, possible need for repairs or spare parts, and total consumption of the plant are spread out over a period of 15 years.

For an operating lifetime of 15 years, the A2P solution, thanks to its very high efficiency resulting in significant savings in the “Total Power Consumption of the Installation” category, is proving to be much more economical than a standard solution offered by one of our competitors, even at half the purchase cost. Added to this are the advantages of energy-saving devices , which relieve mechanical cooling in winter and thus reduce maintenance and repair costs.

For example, for a plant providing 550 kW cooling capacity

A2P offers:

  • 1 x RS-200 chiller
  • 2 x TS-150 thermoconvectors 
  • 1 x RST3 energy-saving device 

This configuration allows optimisation of free cooling and thus significant energy savings:

  • Investment: €96,000
  • Average COP: 14
  • Electricity consumption: 298,448 kW
  • Cost of energy consumption over 15 years: €384,329
  • Total Cost of Ownership over 15 years: €496,972

For a standard alternative solution without free cooling:

  • Average investment: €65,000
  • Average COP: 3
  • Electricity consumption: 1,496,000 kW
  • Cost of energy consumption over 15 years: €1,926,476
  • Total Cost of Ownership over 15 years: €2,014,531


  • Energy cost: €80/ MW throughout the year
  • Responsible for plant: 100%
  • 8,000 hours worked/ year
  • Plant lifespan: 15 years
  • Cost of recovering the installation in the 16th year: €10,000 (A2P)/ €5,000 (competitor’s solution).
  • Increase per year in energy costs, spare parts and maintenance: 1%
  • Investment excluding all equipment and supplies outside the cooling unit, dry cooler and operating pump.

As you can see, investing in A2P solutions means having a long-term view of industrial process cooling solutions, and understanding the importance of having a reliable and economical plant. The slightly