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NP water-condensed chillers

NP water-condensed chillers or heat pumps are supplied for unit cooling capacities of between 50 and 330 kW.

All compressors are scroll-type.

The calories generated by the condenser can be either recovered or removed by one or more thermoconvectors (or dry coolers).

The flow-through manifolds with “victaulic” connectors allow the modules to be connected together, in series or in parallel, with no power limit. The tank is inside the cooling unit.

The energy efficiency coefficients (COP) are between 5.4 and 5.9.

The advantages of NP water-condensed chillers include:

  • High operational stability because it is independent of fluctuating ambient air temperatures.
  • Modular design with flow-through manifolds.
  • Small footprint.
  • Reduced noise pollution, with no fan.
  • Compact and autonomous unit, including two closed tanks (one for evaporation and one for condensation), a pump, electrical cabinet and compressor(s).


NP water-condensed chillers realisations